About Us


The glamour of Hollywood.The rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.The vivaciousness of Marilyn Monroe.

Harnessing these playful ideals, designer Erika Mark created the sexy clothing line Black Cake.

Erika's journey as a designer began in Ohio where she grew up. At a young age, her parents encouraged her to be the creative, independent, unique, free spirit she is today. Much of Erika's childhood was spent playing dress up in her grandmother’s vintage slips and jewels.

Erika took the first steps in pursuing her dreams by studying fashion at Philadelphia University and in Florence, Italy. After returning to the states, she moved west to pursue her career in fashion - seeking the individuality, freedom, and magic of Hollywood.

Black Cake Clothing's epic adventure began when Erika was at an estate sale and stumbled across a magical box of sexy vintage clothing. She soon built a massive collection of vintage but did not stop there. Inspired by her collection, she went to work designing and manufacturing. Black Cake soon evolved into a cult brand that indulges rock luxury, embraces old-school Hollywood glam, and adds a hint of sexy decadence.

Passionately involved in building a lifestyle brand that inspires, guides and motivates women to live a thrilling life, Erika's latest alluring creations, Black Cake Zodiac Massage Candles, are all natural soy and coconut wax based, non gmo, vegan and double for massage. Based on the zodiac signs, the candles illustrate the go to sex position for each cosmic sign. The illustrations were drawn by Erika, making each a piece of art.

Erika is committed to manufacturing in the United States. Proudly American made, Black Cake caters to a women's femininity, confidence and individuality.


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